Hi, I’m Irina, I’m a freelance video journalist currently live between two cities — Kaliningrad and Moscow, Russia. I have been working with BBC, BBC REEL, AJ+, Sky News, Zinc/Zag, News Deeply, WomanKind Magazine, CGTN, International Reporting Centre covering general interest stories with the focus on stories about women and social issues, migration, culture, history and nature; with the UK-based agency International News Services I have been writing about Russian industries and economy. 

Hold degrees from the Moscow State University and the University of British Columbia.

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1 thought on “”

  1. Dear Irina,
    I just watched and immensely enjoy your video “The remote ‘democratic’ oasis of Soviet Russia”. Thank you so much for such interesting story.
    Excellent work!.
    Also, in it you interview a lovely lady call Svetlana Rohznova is there any way to contact her?. I would love to personally let her know how much I admire her brave actitud.
    Thanks again
    Best Regard

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